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TMS was founded in 1996 by former federal and provincial government sales tax auditors, focusing on recovery of Canadian sales taxes.


Since its inception TMS has conducted thousands of reviews and achieved sales tax recoveries, grants and incentives totalling many millions of dollars for corporate and institutional clients. We work primarily on a negotiated contingency fee basis. This means that we are paid only after we achieve recoveries for our clients and funds are received by them. TMS enjoys an unparalleled reputation in its industry as evidenced by many strong testimonials from satisfied clients.



Commodity Tax Review


TMS analyzes your operations to ensure all appropriate credits are accounted for and maximized for the statutory period. We assess your current method of charging and calculating net GST, HST and Provincial Sales Tax and of calculating GST, HST and PST tax credits and notional tax credits.  We also identify services that could be subject to GST, HST, PST and thereby increase your overall tax credit. We review all aspects pertaining to Canadian sales taxes, payroll taxes, fuel taxes and customs duties. We then provide you with all necessary information for preparation of your recovery claims.

Apprenticeship Tax Credits and Other Incentives



Federal and provincial governments have introduced both refundable and non-refundable tax incentive programs for employers who hire and train apprentices in certain skilled trades. These programs and their tax credit offerings vary by province and are often modified. We review applicable programs with you to ensure you are getting all tax credits and available incentives.

Specific Issues

TMS will determine if a new tax amendment policy decision, ruling or change in interpretation is applicable to you. Issues presented for your consideration are thoroughly researched by our legal team.

Audit Assistance 

TMS is the only tax recovery firm to offer In-House Legal Counsel. This allows TMS to work on the direction of our clients directly with government officials and take such matters to any level the particular issue may require. We can also assist in resolving sales tax disputes. Services in the area of disputes will vary depending on the stage in the appeal process.


During an audit,  “behind the scene” support services are provided by TMS. On appeal, legal services are provided in a more active and transparent manner.


TMS will litigate your tax or customs case before the Tax Court of Canada, Ontario Superior Court, Canadian International Trade Tribunal, or Federal Court of Appeal. We have been successful in obtaining several landmark decisions for our clients.


TMS can also make a “Voluntary Disclosure” to the appropriate taxing authority in order to minimize tax assessment, penalties and interest. This also provides an exercise for a company to identify weaknesses in its compliance system and take corrective action for the future. 


Due to continual legislative changes and complex legal policies, WSIB is a resource-intensive challenge for employers. As a paralegal firm, licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada, we provide support to your HR/WSIB operations. We educate and react to make solutions happen so that WSIB does not become a financial or claims management burden. WSIB review involves three basic areas:






With our extensive education and experience in these areas we have a greater understanding of risk vs. reward and only pursue for actual savings. A review begins with your Authorization to access company records directly from the WSIB. The analysis is generally handled within our firm to ensure consistency and confidentiality.

1. Assessment/Audit    

2. Experience Rating    

3. Claims Management  





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"Several tax recovery firms offering their services have approached us. I am confident we made the correct choice with Tax Management Services. Their consultants conducted themselves in a very professional manner, were efficient and thorough and importantly worked with very little demands on our staff, which was an initial concern."

Finance Manager – Burger King

"We hired TMS to review our accounts payable records with the view to recover any tax overpayments and identify expenditures where tax deductions were overlooked…in every engagement, Mr. Testa was able to obtain significant recoveries for our firm…over and above tax reviews completed by other tax specialists that Canpar had retained."

VP Finance - Canpar


"The consultant was resourceful, energetic and tactful in helping us prepare our refund claims. His extensive background with the government and “file-by-file” review resulted in significant recoveries…our decision to go with TMS was truly a ‘win’ situation for us."

Director Finance - Energizer



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