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Apprenticeship Tax Credits


One of the major issues employers face today is a shortage of skilled trade workers. An ageing population has resulted in a shortage of workers in many industries. Companies have had to to scramble to fill the many skilled positions available.


Governments have recognized that in order for Canadian companies and sectors to grow skills shortages need to be efficiently addressed through commitments to training and passing down knowledge.


Government tax incentive programs


In response to these skill shortages provincial and federal governments have introduced both refundable and non-refundable tax incentive programs for employers who hire and train apprentices in certain skilled trades. These programs and their tax credit offerings, which vary by province and are frequently modified, are financially supportive to thousands of employers across many industries and services throughout Canada.

Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit Management System








Operating an effective apprenticeship program and capturing all of the available tax incentive opportunities is a great challenge for employers with limited time, personnel and budget - who are busy driving their businesses forward. 


TMS offers the Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit Management System (ATTCMS) to reduce your managerial burden and cut the cost of operating an effective apprenticeship tax recovery program.


ATTCMS has been a success with our clients as it enables them to focus on their core duties while ATTCMS focuses on delivering financial savings and time savings – results that our clients demand.

How does it work?


ATTCMS is designed to work non-intrusively to reduce the burden of managing the various apprenticeship tax recovery programs due to documentation sourcing, claims preparation and audit support.

The ATTCMS Process

Supporting Documents and Sourcing 


Our experience with government agencies, apprenticeship committees, councils and unions allows the quick-sourcing of vital documents necessary for supporting claims, satisfying CRA audit requests, and achieving tax credit approvals.

Claim Preparation

With our client’s collaboration we gather the payroll data needed to carefully prepare claims for the available apprenticeship tax credit programs. All claims are complete with back-up data.  Retroactive tax credit eligibility often applies.

Audit Support 

On behalf of our clients, claims are submitted and audited for approval by Canada Revenue Agency. At TMS we support our clients during the audit process through to completion.

Post Engagement
Support Services

TMS will conduct seminars and workshops at your facility for the appropriate departments and personnel in your organization. In addition, TMS provides email support services, where your questions submitted are attended to immediately.  Toll-free support at 1-866-815-1305

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