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We’ve researched you.

There is 90% probability that TMS will recover overpaid taxes for your company. Our experts know legislative changes, tax rulings, court cases and pending legislation and have identified potential for recovery based on current conditions. 

Customized Evaluation

We complete a 30-minute custom questionnaire with your IT and accounting departments. The goal is to identify all potential issues with operations, tax rulings, administrative policies, tax exemptions, GST input tax credits and fuel tax rebates that offer opportunities for refunds. 


TAXMiner™ Diagnostic Analysis

We use the latest software to digitally conduct a complete review of your company’s commodity taxes. 


Continued Support

We provide ongoing education and seminars. Our clients are afforded continued access and support from our team. We are prepared to defend any claims initiated by our firm with solid documentation and knowledge of the latest tax legislation. 


Recovery Plan


We provide a full report, including implementation plans, to ensure that laws and regulations are followed. We offer a file-by-file, hands-on approach to preparing claim submissions with all necessary documentation. 



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